This is oneko-1.3 (.txz) based on oneko-1.2.sakura.5.

What is it?

Oneko is a screenmate for X written in C, it has different skins e.g. cat cat, dog dog, tora (striped cat) tora, sakura (cardcaptor girl) sakura chasing your mousecursor.
See also Neko (Software) @ Wikipedia.


tar xf oneko-1.3.txz
cd oneko-1.3
xmkmf -a
make install

Example Commandline Use:

Orange-Brown-striped tora:
oneko -tora -fg brown -bg orange &!
Skin-coloured Sakura:
oneko -sakura -fg Grey12 -bg DarkSalmon &!

Terminate all oneko-instances:
killall oneko


- I included an Input Pixmap for making oneko click-through therefore not blocking the mouse cursor anymore, old behaviour can be forced by command line parameter "-noclick" though.
- Also the manpage_whatis_fixed.patch from debian sid / oneko_1.2.sakura.6-12.debian.tar.xz was applied. And created a german manpage.


- Make oneko aware of multi-screen settings, passing screen borders.
- Change Pixmaps to contain more than two (foreground/background) colors.


As the program was Public Domain but no explicit License was stated I allowed myselve to put it under The Artistic License 1.0 (Artistic-1.0).
Sakura Kinomoto and Tomoyo Daidouji are characters in a comic strip "CARDCAPTOR SAKURA" (CLAMP, Kodansha), with the sanction indicated in CLAMP SCHOOL WEB CAMPUS (http://www.clamp.f-2.co.jp/).
But beware that the "-bsd_daemon" command line option and it's associated graphics is under BSD Daemon Copyright 1988 by Marshall Kirk McKusick.
All Rights Reserved.


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