Image credit: Photo by Maura Barbulescu on pixabay

Teaching SWTPra/SoPra - Scrum

What is SWTPra/SoPra?

As part of the Paderbon University Bachelor’s curriculum, undergraduate students have to participate in a practical course called Softwaretechnik Praktikum in short SWTPra.

In particular, undergraduate computer science students take part in the SWTPra, whereas undergraduate business informatics students take part in the SoPra. Due to different credits, the SWTPra and SoPra differ slightly.

In the SWTPra/SoPra students implement a software project in a group of 8-12 students. Each student is assigned a different role, e.g., project manager, tester, quality assurance manager, etc.

In the past years, the students implemented different projects successfully, e.g., model-driven engineering tools, or games like monopoly, checkers, etc. Thereby, the students followed the established development cycle V-Model, which is “an official project management method of the German government” 1.

What is new?

I don’t want to reveal too much, but we will replace the V-Model with the agile project management method Scrum in the new SWTPra2018.

In result, our students are going to learn new methods. This will be an interesting chance for us (the organizer), and the students.

I’m looking forward to an exciting and successful SWTPra/SoPra this year!