Image credit: Photo by Maura Barbulescu on pixabay

SWTPra/SoPra Fair

++ Status Update +++

Status Update

As part of the Softwaretechnikpraktikum the different students present their current progress to us and to each other at a fair, which they organize themselves.

Their task is to “buy” a component from another group, extend it, and integrate into their own product. Since software developers usually read more code than they write, the idea is that the students have to dig into another developer’s code and try to understand it.

This year’s fair was scheduled for Thursday, 14.06 and took place in the University’s F-Building for the first time. Since we switched to Scrum process this year, we were quite excited which impact switching the process had onto the students’ projects. Fortunately and gratifyingly the students spent much more time on implementing their projects and made the most of the freedom that Scrum gave them.

All presentations were quite professional and the presented implementations looked awesome! Thus, our investment in updating the course and giving the students more freedom seems to pay off!

I am going to update this post with a few illustrative pictures soon.